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We’ll steer your project to its destination

If you want your projects to be managed sex chatrooms can you do my homework in a way that suits you and transparency to be given top priority, you need the services of an independent project manager. We and our long-term clients choose this approach successfully now for over 15 years


As your trusted consultant, planner and expert we offer you independent, incorruptible and objective consultancy. From project manager to the entire management team – our consultants can put your projects on the path of success.


Contrary to many providers of IT services we do not sell any products. We are passionate project managers. That’s why you can be sure we will manage your project in a way that suits you. Our clients appreciate this independency.


We see project management as an integration task and think that a successful mediation between IT and Business is a key factor for success. Therefore our consultants combine methodical approach with Business/IT know-how and social expertise.

Our philosophy

We listen to you.

We are passionate.

We have courage.

Your criteria for success

Together with you, we’ll identify the key criteria for success, enabling us to select exactly the right approach

Transparency throughout the project

Integrated project controlling enables us to keep a constant track on the progress of projects and the associated costs. With us, you don’t need to worry about getting any nasty surprises

Project success is shared success

If your project is successful, then so are we. Our goal is to bring your project to successful completion while never losing sight of what you’re trying to achieve


We will customise the project approach with you

We’ll also perform extensive groundwork to ensure that absolutely nothing strays off course!

Each an expert in their field, Charax’s project managers ensure the accurate and seamless planning, preparation and tracking of all project activities.

The choice of which project methodology to use depends on the complexity of the task at hand and the environmental constraints. Our portfolio ranges from highly dynamic methods such as SCRUM and Large Scale Scrum or the V-model to project management according to PRINCE2 and PMI. But we also use new methods like Design Thinking and Lean Startup while always keeping an eye on good usability and user experience.

Our combination of highly experienced management staff working alongside younger methodology experts enables us to offer our customers a project management package that combines all aspects of successful project management in the most efficient way.

Selected technologies we are using in our projects:


and more

Adobe Experience Manager

and more

Programming languages, data bases und server


and more







Our long-standing clients

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Project management


Wanted: Top performance and no holding back!

If you have:

  • a good degree in the subjects of economics/IT/design,
  • plus experience in project management/e-business/the Internet,
  • as well as excellent English language and communication skills, coupled with
  • a willingness to work wherever the job takes you and a determination to achieve outstanding results,

then apply now as a:

  • Senior project director (m/f) – Several years of experience on client projects (international)
  • Project manager (m/f) – Extensive knowledge of methodologies and project experience (multilingual)
  • Trainee project management (m/f) – Knowledge of project management and lots of personal initiative (extremely flexible)

Show us your strong personality, your sex chatrooms can you do my homework creativity and your willingness to work hard. Tell us how you see your personal future developing. Our employees are our greatest asset. Our management team will be pleased to consider your application by calling

Cyril Damm: +49 172 7971714
Arnd Schöter : +32 473 869797

or via e-mail to

Apply now


Charax Geschäftsführer
Arnd Schoeter
Charax Geschäftsführer
Cyril Damm
Senior Projektmanagerin
Maren Schwarzer
Senior Project manager
Senior Projektmanagerin
Ulrike Heinemann
Senior Project manager
Slawa Nossenko
Project manager
Senior Berater
Frank Gaugel
Senior Consultant & Project manager
Assistentin der Geschäftsführung
Pamela Damm
Assistant of CEO
Joao Paulo Brito
Project manager
IT Consultant
Ahmed Wajid
IT Consultant
Assistentin der Geschäftsführung
Nadine Meyer
Assistant of CEO
Senior Berater
Artur Harsch
Senior Consultant & Project manager
IT Consultant
Priya Alluri
IT Consultant



Lehrenweg 12,
71254 Ditzingen
Tel: +49 172 797 1714


Speelbroek 7
1850 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: +32 473 869797


Kaiserstraße 16
53113 Bonn
Tel: +49 163 846 4556


Fischmarkt 6
99084 Erfurt
Tel: +49 361 64 459 022


C/Ronda Sant Pere 70, 2º 1ª
08010 Barcelona, Spain
Tel: +34 932 683 250


Speditionsstraße 15a
40221 Dusseldorf
Tel: +49 163 846 4556

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